Congratulations, your intuition has just spoken and you courageously answered YOUR call!  You're right on time for this next step in your healing journey. It's also perfectly normal for you to have an initial reaction of " do I really need this" or feeling nervous. I want you know this is just fear trying to keep you where you are until now. 

Next Steps: To book a session with me, please download and book directly through the app https://apps.wix.com/place-invites/invite-lp/8c98c25b-aadf-4b67-af60-f78802227725?ref=cl
If you run into any technical problems you can also send me an email with the time and date you'd like to book. Please allow for a 24 hour response time.
Services are currently performed in the Humber Bay area located in Etobicoke. If you are interested in receiving Distant Reiki, please indicate your time zone conversion to EST.
Please provide your name and email below, I will be in touch for the upcoming information session!

I look forward to holding a safe and special space for you on your healing journey.
With gratitude, love & light
Casey Ramsaran, Owner & Founder of Higher-Self Holistic Healing
Reiki Master & Teacher, Certified Transformation Coach & Chakra Balancing Facilitator


Smile :)  you've just chosen to do something special for yourself.  I'll be in touch soon!