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Rei= universal Ki = Life force, Chi, breath

Reiki = Universal life energy; which is spiritually guided and comes from the highest light source. It should be noted that Reiki is not a religion.


Reiki is a form of natural therapy that gently balances life energies. This non-invasive process works best when you are open to receiving. It is truly a system of attaining and promoting wholeness of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Reiki healing is a pure energy form. When combined with the sincere desire of the receiver, who is open and willing to receive this energy within their emotional and spiritual consciousness, the results are powerful and impactful, especially over time and with treatments.


As a highly intuitive energy worker, I provide a safe space for you to relax and release without judgement. This is where you "take the armor off" and uncover yourself (even if it's messy). I will work with to move and release stored energy in your body which can occur on a physical and emotional level both during and after treatments. Depending on how open your energetics are, you may receive guided messages including images/symbols, names and suppressed memories. This can help you better connect the dots, heighten your awareness and further address underlying subconscious thoughts, past traumas and emotional pain you are carrying either knowingly or unknowingly.


I have a high success rate of helping clients move through mental and emotional roadblocks that stem from unhealthy relationships (personal & professional)

Chakra Balancing

You've probably heard people talk about balancing their Chakras. When our Chakras are "open", they operate in a normal fashion. However, some Chakras are not open enough (under-active or blocked), and to compensate, other chakras can be "over-active" or "dominant". The ideal state occurs when all of our chakras are balanced. This results in energy being able to flow through each chakra freely, creating harmony between the physical body, mind, and spirit. 


I will work with you to identify which chakras are unbalanced, overactive or underactive by firstly understanding your daily lifestyle, habits, relationships and thought process.  This can sometimes be identified during Reiki treatments as a first step.  During a chakra balancing session, we will work through each of the 7 chakras or target specific ones. You will be led through guided energy movement, while incorporating ethically sourced natural crystals with specific healing properties and multiple sound frequencies to awaken and activate energy within your chakras. I will also teach you how to observe your body awareness both during after after treatments so you continue the work beyond the treatment. Coaching support & Reiki treatments are also a wonderful compliment which many find helpful . 

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